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So, I've got a tenant who takes good care of her apartment but pays late every month wanting to move into a property which is basically next door to her close family, who are also the worst neighbors one would never ask for. I'm inclined to not rent this unit to her, but not sure what my legal responsibilities are. I'm okay with losing her as a tenant.

4. Attempt to engage the property owner into action that will "clean up" their property.

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5. Put pressure on the property management company to do better tenant screening and better property management.

What is the best way to handle this situation?

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´╗┐Should I allow this tenant to relocate to another of my

One of my workers rents the other side of the duplex "cousin" lives in, and they've called the police on this "cousin" and her children multiple times for noise disturbances, threats (from the mother and her boyfriend), and vandalization (the kids ripped my my workers vegetable garden and threw the veggies onto his porch!). This area isn't "the hood", but apparently this "cousin" person isn't on board with peaceful living. ;)

the condition of my property as well as any liability I may have for someone getting hurt while on the property.

I believe you are correct in your assessment, that allowing your current tenant to move is not a good business decision. I am sure all the added background is for just that ourbackground andbenefit. I will state the obvious and say not tomention 95% of what you told us when telling the tenant your decision.

1. Document the concerns relayed to me by my tenants.

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Nike Green Sweater

See, my tenant's cousin (and potential new neighbor) is a low life. She does not work, she's often drunk and, and her children (aged 6 15) are an absolute terror. These children are out of control and they're the apparent ring leaders for the other neighborhood kids. No good.

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of any of my knowledge of her cousin.

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Thank you for your interest. In addition, there is a bigger issue at hand here. That is the livability of your triplex and the peacefulness of the neighborhood.

I have a current tenant who wants a bit more space than the unit she's in currently. She's interested in moving into a larger 1BR at another multifamily property of mine.

Last week we did an inspection at one of our rental houses. In the course of a conversation with our tenant we learned about a big problem occurring at the house next door. The owner had moved to another country for a work assignment and decided to rent their house through a management company. There have been a series of "bad" tenants. The current tenant has 5 dogs and 6 cats. The previous tenant had cats multiplying and kittens were crawling from out under the fence. Our tenant told us she feels sorry for the house owner because their place is now in terrible shape. We also own a duplex on the other side of our rental house. That tenant reports that there are an awful lot of cats in the neighborhood and they are getting into her garden beds.

3. Locate the property owner and the propertymanagement company and share these concerns.

I know in my lease paying in the grace period is not late. Therefore only the actual payments that she was late on, could be called late.

I'm afraid if I let my tenant relocate into this apartment, the cousin and her family will begin spending time in and around my property, making life harder for the other tenants in the triplex. I'm also concerned for Nike T Shirt For Men 2018

Do you have any other larger units that would not be located in an area that would be near this trouble maker cousin?

2. Watch the neighboring property more closely and document my own observations.

When there are neighbors who are terrorizing the neighborhood, the peaceful enjoyment of your tenant's home andthe desirability of your property goes down. I would not hesitate to locate the owner of the duplex where the Nike Green Sweater cousin lives. I would try to have a "landlord to landlord" discussion with them. They may be absentee landlords who have no idea what is going on. I would also partner with law enforcement for your area and keep tabs on what is going on. Step up an become a concerned citizen.

My worker (who lives next door to the trouble maker) has been chronicling her bad behavior with the police and the neighborhood association. I think the neighborhood bad seed will soon be removed, but still this late paying tenant of mine is not a viable candidate.

I would be blunt, though leave out certain details such as the family part. I would tell her that because she has been late numerous times that you do not believe it is in either your best interest or hers to invest additional money in relocation. Tell her you do not want to incur the additional cost of getting two properties ready for rental rather than one. Also tell her that part of your job as a landlord is to assess tenant ability to pay. If she moves, with a past history of being late she is even less likely to be able to pay because even a do it yourself move costs money. I would not bring up the cousin, that would create a lot of potential issues. Definitely introduce yourself in the New Member Introduction Section.

children, both of whom are well behaved. However, when I showed her the larger apartment, she mentioned that her cousin lives in the duplex beyond the alley behind my rental property. Upon hearing this, my heart sank.

As a responsible landlord and concerned citizen, my course of action will beto:

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This tenant takes care of the unit she's in now, but she always pays late (sometimes incurring a late fee, sometimes within the 5 day grace period). She has a good job and shared custody of her two Nike Bra For Girls

6. If the property owner and propertymanagement company, after becoming aware of the concerns of neighbors, take no action or ineffective action,then I will evaluate whether to make an offer to buy the property (at a discount) or what I can do to shield my tenants better or what code violations need to be reported to the city/county.

Lastly, I don't want to engage "cousin", as I'm told she can be quite malicious. She's got nothing but time on her hands to cause me grief. I'd much rather steer clear of her so long as she's not bothering me. I certainly don't want to give her reason to be on my property! My tenant isn't aware Nike Socks Hyper Elite

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