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Law school is okay, I am top 30% in my class which is okay, but the debt concerns me. As you all know lawyers are a dime a dozen. The market is saturated and I am seeing that even for an "unpaid internship" the market is competitive! It disgusts me. I am questioning whether I made the right financial choice and have plans to finish my 1L year and move on with my life.

At the end of Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017 the day you have to ask yourself, where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 15 years from now. If you see yourself being a lawyer and being happy, then stick it out.

life more comfortable. Multiple people and attorneys told me to be weary of law school but I said, "no I will be the exception" and get those high paying jobs. Now I am thinking I may have made a mistake.

´╗┐Should I stick with law school or start my life

while in school and now I am scared.

I think being a lawyer in the modern world is much like being a real estate investor. You find yourself a niche doing something you like, start a practice and enjoy making a large amount of money.

First off, I graduated from a state university with an undergrad in Finance then decided to make the plunge into law school. Moved down to North Carolina and am currently a 1L law student. Took out a 25k graduate loan that has a 6.9% interest rate that is accruing from the moment taken out, even Nike Crew Running Shorts

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

those expensive psychology degrees they would prolly be way better off without a mountain of student debt over their head. The debt of law school and interest is the scariest part to me. Having a law degree today is appearing more and more like only an average at best lifestyle and pay grade, coupled with that high interest debt holds me back from starting my life and investment ideas. I am definitely at a crossroads in my life and would like to make the most sound and best financial choice I can make.

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

If you see yourself being a lawyer in the future and hating the thought of it, don't do it. Just because you have already incurred $25k debt, don't follow through by throwing good money after bad.

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

If your ultimate goal is to be a real estate investor, then do what makes you happy. I left a nice paying corporate job to become a real estate investor and couldn't be happier with that decision. Appreciate the words and encouragement. That is the question at the end of day. Whether or not I will be happy doing it? And partly income and salary comes into play on that, my concern is I would enjoy it but while having a debt to an average paying job. I guess what I am trying to say the argument that goes "do what you love" can only go so far when wages can't make it a valuable "investment" for law school. That is my issue.

I also do see the upside, but I mentioned to James I am not sure the debt is proportionate to the positives.

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

I'm not someone who believes people should blindly go to college because it's the responsible thing to do. I think WAY less people should go to college. For instance all the Barista's working at the local coffee shop sporting Nike Black Pants Mens

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

This is not your typical post on BP but, since y'all are going to be similar to me and looking at things from a financial sense I would like to hear your opinions. And a lot of you have experience with what I would eventually like to get into also.

I guess I was hoping if any of you are attorneys or have experience with them in real estate what you thought or recommend? Just trying to learn from people's experience that have gone through what I am doing and what others can see.

Find some investors and come up with a creative way to even out your debt payment while still in college. 90k in debt, spread out over 25 years, is about $600/month. So your investing goal by the end of Law School should be AT LEAST $600/month in investment income from real estate.

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

But again I appreciate everyone's opinion. The best way is to learn from others' experiences and I am soaking up a lot of what people are saying on here everyday!

At one point in my career when I was working as an accountant, I thought of going to law school, I started studying for LSAT, joined coaching classes, but the more and more I went to classes, I started hating the idea of me being an attorney and I got out of it.

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

Friend 1: Lawyer in New York. Went to NYU Law (I think) with an engineering and biology background. Makes huge amounts of money working for a big investment company.

RE Lawyer 1: Lawyer in VT. Does my legal stuff for house purchases. His firm makes $900 a shot off me for legal stuff each time I buy a place. I'm pretty sure he does nothing but farm it off to his paralegal. He does show up for the closings when we use his office though. They also got me for $3000+ for an eviction case last winter. $225/hour to answer emails gets expensive, even in 6 minute chunks.

Friend 3: Lawyer/MBA/PhD in Finance. Owns his own practice north of Boston. His child support payments alone are more than 100k/year to his ex wife.

Friend 2: Lawyer in VT. Went to Southern VT Law. Owns her own practice, is a state rep.

The major advantage of being a lawyer is the pay check. Your W2 income should be phenomenal no matter where you end up working. And once you are a partner, even at a small firm of your own making, the sky is the limit for W2 income. Doing that while saving money for investing into rentals around college towns. That is just the short term, who knows the future? But the debt is scaring me. That is the belief of a lot of people but a dwindling one. Having a law degree in this economy does not mean a higher income by any means. Sure there is some that make it to the top of firms and make 150k+ but the odds are getting smaller and smaller. I do not go to a top tier school, a lower ranked state law school so my chances are even smaller to break into their "cliques."

At the end of the day I do things as most of you that benefit me financially and will make my Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Junior

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

Nike Dri Fit Shorts 2017

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