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Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

He said: "Just before it was about to start there was still no one turning up and it's also about being fair to the audience. We don't want to charge people for half a show (because children are also needed to take part)."

did and the children were not upset. They each received a free gift and went outside to play on the village green. The precise number of children was 12, with half under infant school age. To do a credible show we do need at least 12 children of school age and this was explained to the mothers. Mrs. Mendelsohn pre booked seats at 4.10 and then went outside to 'play on the green'. There was no need to pre book seats. No complaint has come to our office and we place our telephone number upon all the flyers which have a special reduced price to all schoolchildren. We do not seek state funding and must be profitable after expenses we have managed over to the national child charity. We deliberately tour the cleanest of comedy much appreciated, for most TV/videos are most unsuitable for children now don't you think.

"Our performances get some marvellous feedback."

Mrs Mendelsohn said: "She said they weren't doing it because there weren't enough children there. We were asking 'can the clowns not just come out for two minutes and do something for the children?' and she said no.

Tom Sandow, who founded the touring show 20 years ago, said there were only around 10 children present and he felt at least 15 were needed for the show to go ahead.

"It was very disappointing. My daughter was gutted. I didn't think they could do that to kids. It's ridiculous."

Nicola Mendelsohn, of South Muskham, said she was waiting for the show to start with son Lewis, five, and daughter Chloe, nine, when it was announced it had been called off.

A MUM says her daughter felt "gutted" when a clown show was cancelled at the last minute because performers felt there were not enough children in the audience.

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

He said the leaflets did not include details of potential cancellations because this would be "totally negative".

´╗┐show clowns upset mum

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

Part of the proceeds of the tour's performances are given to the charity CLIC Sargent, which supports children with cancer.

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

due to appear at Winthorpe Community Centre, Newark, on Friday afternoon. But the show was called off at 4.25pm five minutes before the clowns were due on stage.

The Sandow Clowns were Nike Joggers Green

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

Mr Sandow added: "There were just not enough to perform to and we are professionals. We tour all over the North and have done so for 20 years for CLIC Sargent.

Mrs Mendelsohn, 29, said there were 22 children present and the audience was told 30 would be needed for the show to go ahead. She paid for each Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens of her children and for her seat. The cash was given back to her after the announcement along with two toys.

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

and is based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

Leaflets had been left at local schools advertising the 80 minute performance, he said.

Hi! This is a note from Fizzypop the clown. We are most upset to receive even one complaint. We perform throughout the north and show to thousands of children throughout the year, please look at our facebook page The Sandow Clowns. Mrs Mendelsohn was the only mother to complain, none of the other mothers Nike Leggings Flash

The show features three clowns providing traditional entertainment and acrobatics Nike Leggings Glow In The Dark

Nike Dri Fit Pants Mens

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