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But the building had other ideas.

Nike Down Parka Womens

It was bought by American firm Jasco 10 years ago and taken over by the Koreans five years ago.

´╗┐Sheffield landmark factory blown up

Nike Down Parka Womens

Explosive of Hydra Clarkson Building at Neepsend, Sheffield

By an amazing coincidence, when the site was sold for redevelopment raffle tickets were sold to blow it up and his sister Gillian Lambert won.

Gillian, also a former employee, imnmediately gave the honour to Ken.

Ken, aged 63, of Alport Drive Frecheville, said it was an emotional day.

Nike Down Parka Womens

"But the last year on my own was horrible."

Money raised will be split between the Children's Hospital and the MacMillan palliative care unit at the Northern General.

Osborn and Hydra Clarkson.

But the 300ft long art deco building, constructed in 1941 to withstand a 500lb bomb with minimal loss of production time, wasn't going down without a fight.

The city end dropped, before tipping on its side and its trailing corner damaged an adjacent building.

Nike Down Parka Womens

Simon Ogden, of Rotherham based DSR , said they used 15kg of high explosive to set 108 charges and it was a "straightforward" demolition job.

As operations manager under its Nike Down Parka Womens final owners, Korean owned YGI, his last year in the job was to work as the sole shopfloor worker preparing machines for shipping to the Far East.

He could never have imagined when he joined the thriving 400 strong tool company in 1969 that he would be its last employee he was made redundant in February this year and also the one to destroy it.

era. It was a lovely place to work. There was no us and them with management in the old days and there would be a lot of social activities.

Each ticket cost 5.

Nike Down Parka Womens

Nike Down Parka Womens

Nike Down Parka Womens

Nike Down Parka Womens

Gillian, who worked at the factory for 20 years, said she was happy to accept the chocolates and champagne, which were also prizes offered in the competition run by Bickerton skoda.

Penistone Road 06 June 2010

Former Clarkson employee Mike Adgie, aged 66, of Hillsborough said it was supported by huge reinforced concrete pillars, the basement was an air raid shelter Nike T Shirt 2018

Nike Down Parka Womens

Originally the Osborn Mushet tool company, the plant changed over the years to Clarkson Nike T Shirt Mens 2017

He said: "I feel very sad, it's the end of an Nike Women's Aeroloft Jacket

Nike Down Parka Womens

and every window was wired glass.

Only the buzzing of a police helicopter broke the silence as competition winner and former employee at the building Ken Norton hit the plunger at the Bickerton Skoda showroom over the road.

Nike Down Parka Womens

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