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the store.

He said it would be best if police took the alleged victim's side and that he would not bother her anymore, according to the complaint.

her back porch, where she believed he could not see her. She said she was shocked to find him watching her through his kitchen window. She said he moved to the front of his garage and stood there shirtless, watching her with a look that frightened her. She said she quickly went back into the house.

Nike Black Sweaters

Jason Kennedy, 34, was charged with a felony count of stalking, a gross misdemeanor count of stalking and a gross misdemeanor count of indecent exposure in his first court case. The charges were enhanced to more severe levels because of his prior convictions for domestic assault in Sherburne County in 2007 and for indecent exposure in Dakota County in 2012.

Nike Black Sweaters

Nike Black Sweaters

According to the complaint, Kennedy told police he had Nike Black Sweaters exposed himself by accident and that he would be more "mindful of (his) blinds." He initially denied parking behind the van but then admitted to it. He said he could not remember why he went to Nike Shorts Grey

According to the criminal complaint in the first case, Kennedy was living in Madelia and smoking with his female neighbor on her porch at the time of the alleged Oct. 14 incident. The woman told police Kennedy suddenly exposed himself, bringing his sweatpants down to his knees and began fondling himself. The woman went inside and locked the door.

Kennedy also faces a gross misdemeanor count of indecent exposure in his second court case.

Nike Black Sweaters

She said that on Nov. 18, she was talking on the phone on Nike Polo Mens

time he walked back out of the store.

According to Madelia police, Kennedy moved to Sherburn in December.

She said her husband also noted an incident when he drove the van, which he rarely drives, while returning some video rentals. She said he realized that Kennedy had parked directly behind the van in a mostly empty parking lot. She said he noticed Kennedy's vehicle was gone by the Nike Yellow Sweater

Nike Black Sweaters

She told police Kennedy began stalking her daily after the incident. She said he would constantly text her, watch her through his window and would come outside anytime she was outside.

Nike Black Sweaters

Nike Black Sweaters

According to the complaint, the woman said she "feels like prisoner in her own house" due to Kennedy's behavior. She said she started locking her doors and having her husband walk with her to her vehicle.

The woman told police she was very angry because her daughter had walked inside just prior to the alleged incident. She said she was afraid her daughter could have seen Kennedy exposing himself. She also said she felt sick and very uncomfortable about the alleged incident.

Nike Black Sweaters

Nike Black Sweaters

According to the second criminal complaint, a woman had Kennedy over to her house in La Salle, which is west of Madelia, in August 2013. She said she found him with his genitals exposed when she walked into her living room. She said he was positioned in a way that made it impossible for him not to know he was exposing himself.

´╗┐Sherburn man charged with stalking

She said she quickly went back into the other room and made him leave by claiming she had to go to work. She said she felt disgusted, offended and angry over the incident, according to the report.

Nike Black Sweaters

Nike Black Sweaters

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