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An audit of the Sheriff's Department Nike Shorts Basketball

"A 17 year old can't consent to that," Clark said.

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Shriver said Buehler and Nelson opposed her request, noting the student continued to want to have contact with her former teacher and coach, and that the teenager turns 18 in about 10 days.

According to court records, Nelson was also the girl's coach on the school's softball team, and had been friendly with her for about two years.

BRATTLEBORO Capt. Heidi Nelson, former second in command at the Windham County Sheriff's Department, pleaded innocent Thursday to charges that she took one of her law enforcement students on a secret trip to Florida this winter without permission from the teenager's mother.

As a result, Nelson's arraignment was held in family court, away from press waiting in a criminal courtroom. Court deputies could be seen hugging Nelson after her arraignment.

of public funds.

"'The focus of the investigation maybe the coach, teacher thing," Nelson wrote to the girl, who she called "My Little Sun Shine Morning Baby." "'That is the only criminal charge.

"It's been tough not knowing what the outcome would be. It's certainly disappointing that criminal charges have been brought. It hurts. At this point I've lost a friend," Clark said.

In e mails between Nelson and the girl contained in the court record, Nelson appears to be coaching the girl on how to deal with investigators.

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

Clark, the Windham County Sheriff, promoted Nelson to captain when he took office. He suspended Nelson with pay in April, when the allegations first came to his attention.

He said Nelson had resigned from the Sheriff's Department in June, but had kept that information quiet because he did not want to influence the criminal investigation.

The girl claimed she was going with a classmate, and Nelson claimed she didn't know who the girl went with, after the mother found out her daughter didn't go with a friend named Sierra.

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

Judge John Wesley heard the case after Brattleboro District Court, Judge Karen Carroll declined, noting that she and Nelson had worked together on the Southern Vermont Drug Task Force when Carroll was a prosecutor and Nelson was with the state police.

According to court records, the girl told investigators there was no sexual relationship between them, although Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark told investigators he didn't fully believe the girl when she told him that.

Nelson, 42, a retired Vermont State Police trooper, made a brief appearance in Brattleboro District Court, accompanied by her attorney, Bettina Buehler of Brattleboro.

Nelson met the student at Brattleboro Union High School, where the 17 year old was a student at the technology center and Nelson taught a course in law enforcement.

Clark said the charges were correct in his mind, and that Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece as the father of a 17 year old daughter, he couldn't support someone taking his daughter on a trip without permission.

Wesley rejected Buehler's arguments, and ordered that Nelson have no contact with the girl until the case is resolved, regardless of her age, Shriver said.

Nelson was first hired to be the school resource officer by former Windham County Sheriff Sheila Prue, who resigned in 2006 and was charged with misuse Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Girls

showed that more than $60,000 had either been spent by Prue Nike Blue Sweatpants

He said Thursday that once Nelson resigned, he dropped his own investigation into the matter.

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

Wesley ordered Nelson to have no contact with the student, granting a request from Windham County State's Attorney Tracy Kelly Shriver.

on personal items such as family trips, cell phones or clothing, or was unaccounted for.

´╗┐Sheriff's Department captain denies felony charge

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

Clark, who said he has known Nelson for 17 years, called her a personal friend. He said he was devastated by Thursday's events.

At another point, Nelson, an experienced Vermont State Police trooper, advises the girl by e mail that she does not have to talk to police.

Nike Aeroloft Tech Fleece

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