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We are former loss mitigation and more importantly workout counselors. BK counselors, Repay/Mod counselors, DIL counselors,. well you get the point.

(for this seminar) so that they will bring short sales to and through their mitigation department. The so called mitigators which they claim were in these departments work for them on a commission basis. Nike Down Vest With Hood

I have done them in the past with success. But, the amount of time, aggravation, and waiting on lender return phone calls was more than I was willing to deal with at that time.

Leggings Nike Sale

I may try a service as Nike Tank Tops Men

Eric, Buddy,

CJ This conversation started in another thread between Eric Foster and myself. I am considering negotiating other members deals because that seems to be the biggest hang up for investors. I still need some time to get my ducks in a row before I start doing them for others. Check back in a few weeks in the deal section under, " Do you need help with your shortsale?" . As of now, I have only done them for my own deals, but it seems to be working. I am open to suggetions so I may be able to better serve anyone interested.

an experiment in effeciency. I don mind splitting the deal if it means I can get more of them done.

hundreds of parameters that must be taken into consideration. At their seminar they say they want relationships built with customers in the carolinas

Leggings Nike Sale

I didn know.

$3,000 for each short sale was the figure tossed out. Their entire wall to wall marketing plan (large binders of knowledge spread across the table) was around $8000. They signed up 6 people who will participate for 6 months in their program for free and work off the cost by short sales. If they don produce they will then make payments to the company. You pay over a $1000 for each county you want foreclosure leads on daily.

Leggings Nike Sale

Leggings Nike Sale

There are usually audience members who fall for whatever is dished out.

I have also been aware of these services but have not utilized them as I had concerns about them not performing when I have the responsiblity to go back to the owner/seller

Leggings Nike Sale

Leggings Nike Sale

You know these guys are all the same. Show a picture of their home, talk about their poverty 2 years earlier etc. etc. and stand there in a cheap suit.

By the way if you guys are doing short sales and having issues with double/simultaneous closings, I provide transaction fundng to fund your deal (as long as you have a buyer who closing the same day). I can quickly fund up to $400,000 and charge a small percentage of the amount funded to be wired back to me when the second transaction closes.

Originally posted by "EricFoster":Anybody have any luck with some of these companies that are popping up charging a fee for negotiating short sales for investors?

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But. in today's world. I think doing them is simply necessary.

We handle all Leggings Nike Sale the negotiations from start to finish. In fact we normally get paid by the homeowner which then makes our service fee free to professionals. That is not say that RE Agents/Attorneys and many other professionals have hired us themselves for their own personal benefit. In fact we have several agents that we work with that have become the " Short Pay King/Queen" in their prospective areas. Only to really have us operating all their accounts in the background.

That what WE do. If that were the case I would have already hit my first Billion! :lol:

Leggings Nike Sale

Leggings Nike Sale

´╗┐Short Sale Processing Company

Tell us a little more about the service you are providing. They say they hire former loss mitigation folks from banks (pay commission for their work) and their hope is to do the short sale negotiating, paperwork etc. Of course, you paying over $8000 for their entire product, less for foreclosures lead sheets etc. They did state they desired to have the customer bring them short sales to do. I think they quoted $3000 a short sale for commission. I do not know anyone locally hooked up with them beyond lead list and that paid for by county.

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Those that focus on short sales alone only hold a small piece of the puzzle. It is important to understand all the angles. What is the bank thinking? More importantly, what is the investors reaction going to be? These are just a few of the Nike T Shirt New Arrival

Leggings Nike Sale

Leggings Nike Sale

I see obviously this post started well before I got here.

Leggings Nike Sale

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