lego girls

Thoughts on Girls Lego

Should you buy your daughter, niece or granddaughter Lego for girls? We are all familiar with Lego, whether from our own childhood or from the enjoyment our own children or grandchildren get from this popular toy. But wonderful as these construction toys are they are aimed more towards boys than girls. If you visit the toy shop you’ll see a wide assortment of Lego for building spaceships and cars, planes and castles but do they appeal to most girls? Of course some girls will like these but there are many that will feel left out. Although they are not stocked to the same extent by the toy shops you can find Lego for girls which may have more appeal.

lego-girlIf you look online you can find many more Lego made with girls in mind in colors that are more appealing to most girls than the often dark colors of those aimed at boys. A basic set of blocks can be found in pink and for those girls with brothers they can be especially suitable as they can be kept separate from the boys toys. There are many Lego sets designed for girls including a whole range of Creator Houses complete with furniture and mini figures for our daughters to play house.

This range includes a Beach House, a Dream Cottage and a Big Family House. Other location sets include Poolside Paradise and Belville Royal Summer Palace. There are a range of Princess sets including a Skating Princess and the Ultimate Princess Fairy sets. There are also Horse Jumping sets and some Princess sets that include horses such as the Princess and Horse set.

Little girls can have fun playing house and populating their play world with mini figures and tiny animals. Or visit the Beauty Studio or go on a Picnic Lunch! Lego for girls will help your daughter develop her imagination and the intricacies of some of these sets call for a high level of manipulative skill, so Lego can be educational as well as great fun. Don’t let your daughter miss out on one of the most loved toys. Give her her own, specially designed Lego set and she can have as much fun as the boys have been having for many, many years.

Finding The Best Funeral Homes 2

Tips on Finding the Best Funeral Homes

Normally when we are in deep sorrow our mind will never work out well, most of the decisions we will make at the height of this emotional distress is devastating. Thus an expert is needed to do the arrangement. It would then be better for us to make early preparations before it’s too late. Meaning we need to plan ahead of time, it is a smart idea making funeral preparations while we are still alive in order to save our surviving family from the stressful funeral arrangement.

If we do love the people who will be left behind when we passed away we need to make an early funeral arrangement, the best thing we have to do is to visit a funeral homes and asked for details on the preparations and other necessary funeral arrangement to be made. You need to list down the things you have discussed and go over it when you have the time to make a decision.

SONY DSCThe next thing you should be doing is to find the best funeral homes for you to choose from. It is necessary to choose a funeral home which will suit your budget as well as comply with the health standards of your locality to ensure a healthy environment for the people you love as well as the people who will be visiting your remains to bid their final goodbye.

The criteria you need to look for in a funeral home is their sanitary permit, next is their area of waiting if it doesn’t have a stinky smell, another thing to consider is the location how far it is situated from the city or is it accessible to any kind of transportation. The funeral staff is also a factor in choosing the best funeral home. Look for friendly and approachable funeral stuff. It would not be healthy for you to be dealing with rude and hostile staff since you are in grief.

Above anything else make sure that the funeral home you are about to have are legitimate and has legal license to operate and of course consider the reputation of the funeral home you will be choosing. As funeral entails a big amount of expenditure therefore it is necessary to choose wisely especially when the money you will be spending for the funeral is a hard earned blood money. Spending it for unnecessary funeral service would be unfair for the people who are working hard to raise that sum.


Red Velvet Curtains Can Add Life To A Boring Room

Many people find red velvet curtains to be tacky and dingy when added as decoration to any room in the house. There are many who also think that this type of color and fabric can add a feeling of luxury, sensuality, and elegance. If you want to darken and insulate a room, red velvet curtains might be perfect for you and your family.

For people who work on night shifts and sleep during the day, then darker rooms are preferable for them so that they can sleep soundly without the sunlight shining through the windows. Red velvet has been commonly used in different projects like evening gowns, children’s Christmas dresses and Christmas decorations. Many people think that it is a very expensive kind of project but it is actually worth the cost.

When you to think of velvet, you think about all those periods in history when royalty and the noble would go to elaborate balls and dance to celebrate.

Velvet is also popularly used in theater and movie houses. Homes of the rich people used this type of curtains to cover their windows. If you love to watch old movies, you probably noticed that house of the elite used red velvet curtains in their rooms.

During cold weather, velvet curtains were most commonly used to bring warmth to a house and to hold the heat. Because they have very thick fibers and are very dense, they are very good insulators. During times when there were no heaters and radiators to keep people warm, velvet was used very often. No matter how you choose to decorate your house, or whatever style you may want to utilize, please do not disregard the idea of putting up red velvet curtains.

The transformation it will give to your house might just surprise you.

love movies cry

Love Movies That Make You Cry

Love movies are great. At least this is what many people think. The more they make you cry, the better they are. Isn’t it funny, how we like to cry at movies, although we usually don’t see crying as being pleasant in our real life? Human beings surely are contradictory in their feelings. In order to feed your human nature, please find below a brief overview of several love movies that would make most girls cry (and maybe some guys too):

Love Story (1970)

Made after a novel written by Erich Segal and directed by Arthur Hiller, this movie was launched under the tagline “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”. It is the love story between the student Oliver Barrett IV (played by Ryan O’Neal) and Jennifer Cavalleri, a Radcliffe music wonk (played by Ali MacGraw). Soon after they got married despite all obstacles, she discovered she was sick and almost dying. It’s a simple story that touches you for a lifetime.

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Made after Jane Austen’s novel, with the screenplay written by Deborah Moggach, the movie is a love story between one of the five daughters of Mr Bennet, Elizabeth, and the snobbish Mr. Darcy. They both had a great dose of humor, which makes a big part of this movie’s charm. Like in the previous movie, the lovers had to overcome obstacles raised by the society, as one of them was rich and the other one poor, so they were supposed not to make a family together.

Love Actually (2003)

Directed and written by Richard Curtis, Love Actually was nominated twice for the Globe Awards. The action takes place in London, before Christmas, and it’s the romance and love life of eight people who fall in love, who marry, then divorce, who get connected and go through a lot of funny happenings. Some of the actors won the BAFTA Film award for their performance.

The Notebook (2004)

This drama was made after a novel by Nicholas Sparks, under the direction of Nick Cassavetes. The main action takes place in a nursing home: an old guy is reading a story to an old lady, a love story which in the end proves to be their own story. As the epic advances, she starts realizing that the old man is reading her life story and that he’s her loved one, she’d lost so long ago. It’s a really touching story. The two protagonists die at the end of the movie, hand in hand, happy and peaceful.

A Walk To Remember (2002)

Directed by Adam Shankman and written by Karen Janszen after a novel by Nicholas Sparks, this drama is the story of two teenagers: a popular student gets punished and does some community service work, where he meets the reverend’s daughter, Jamie, and falls in love with her. A true love, clouded by a terrible secret and an unexpected end of the story which makes it a truly memorable love movie.

Autumn in New York (2000)

A romantic drama and the love story of two people: a 48 years old upscale restaurateur (played by Richard Gere) and a 22 year old girls (played by Winona Ryder) whose life is threatened by a tumor. The movie was nominated for the Razzie Award in 2001, for the Worst Screen Couple. Even so, the story remains touching and this movie is one of those who make you cry.

The English Patient (1996)

Directed by Anthony Minghella, this love movie has won 9 Oscars. The action takes place at the end of the World War II, when a young nurse is taking care of an injured pilot. He has a series of flashbacks which take the viewers into a love story between him and a married woman.

Gia (1998)

Directed by Michael Cristofer, who also contributed to the script, this movie is inspired from the life of a real person, Gia Carangi, a top fashion model who was famous in the late 70s. Played by Angelina Jolie, Gia is a girl who had a sad childhood, but who managed to escape it and who finally died to AIDS at only 26 years of age. The movie won two Globe awards.

Becoming Jane (2007)

This is the biography of Jane Austen, based on her letters and directed by Julian Jarrold. Jane Austen is played by Anne Hathaway who makes an outstanding performance fro which she was nominated in 2007 as Best Actress for the British Independent Film Award. This love movie won the People’s Choice Award in 2008 and got multiple other nominalizations in various film festivals.

Steel Magnolias (1989)

This is one of those love movies that make you laugh and cry in the same time. It is the story of a group of friends living in a small community, the Chiquapin Parish. The movie is directed by Herbert Ross and it features Julia Roberts in a secondary role, for which she got an Oscar nomination as Best Actress in a Supporting Role and a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture (1990).

These are only ten choices of love movies worth to be seen, but the list could go on for a longer while. If you got to read this far, please feel free to add your favorite love movies in the comments section below.


Round Kitchen Table Sets Can Do Wonders in Remodeling Any Kitchen

The kitchen is one room in the house that is used very often. Between food preparation and healthy meals, it is an area within the home where family members will be found on a routine basis. So it makes sense to have appropriate kitchen table and chair sets in this very important room so that all members of the family can sit down, relax, and enjoy spending time together while they are also relishing a good meal. This room is often the coziest area of the home, with good smells wafting in the air and the warmth from the oven heating the room during those cold winter days. It should be decorated in such a way that every member of the family can enjoy spending time there.

When choosing a suite of furniture for this very special room, size and shape are two important things to take into consideration in making a decision. A large room can accommodate larger-sized items, but when dealing with a small area, kitchen table sets for small spaces are definitely the way to go. Items of a smaller size will not take up a great deal of space while still providing an area for family members to sit together and eat in a friendly atmosphere. And round kitchen table sets will work out very well in a room with limited space. A round shape for a table will take up less space but can still easily accommodate the members of the family.

Small kitchen table sets can be placed in a breakfast nook area of the room, close to a window so that there will be a lovely view to enjoy while everyone is gathered around the table. Depending on the decor and style of the area, the furniture may have a lovely wood finish, such as oak, pine, pecan, maple or mahogany. The chairs can be decorated with cushions on both the backs and seats, or just the seat alone if so desired. A colorful cloth and centerpiece will be very decorative when the table is not in use.

Modern kitchens can look very sleek and stylish with kitchen tables and chairs sets that are crafted of glass, chrome, wrought iron or stainless steel. These arrangements are available in various sizes to accommodate any size room, and they are a good way to complement the existing decor of a room that is decorated in the contemporary style. A wood finish can also be used in modern rooms and will add a touch of class to the general atmosphere of the home.

Cheap kitchen table sets are also available for those who are on a limited budget but would still like to remodel their homes in various ways. Unpainted furniture can be purchased and then painted or varnished in any way that the homeowner would like, and this type of furniture can be bought inexpensively. It would also make a nice do-it-yourself project for those who enjoy having a hand in their own remodeling.

For those rooms that are very small in size, it should be remembered that round kitchen table sets are a very good way to utilize limited space without giving the area a cluttered look with larger pieces of furniture. Whether the furniture is antique, country or ultra-modern, it will play a large part in creating an atmosphere within the room that will be homey and welcoming, ensuring that all occupants of the home as well as guests can sit down and enjoy a satisfying meal with good conversation. The proper furniture can truly help to make a house into a home.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Tips On Getting the Most from Your Outdoor Security Cameras

Why do we like to install outdoor security cameras into our homes? Well, the answer to this is obvious – in order to prevent and deter any sorts of criminals from trying to enter a house. Everyone is worried about being burgled, especially if they have a lot of expensive items that will appeal to criminals. As such, creating the sorts of deterrence is a great way of feeling safe within your home.

So how should you go about creating these systems? Well, one of your first thoughts should be concerned with how much money you want to invest into it. It might be that you are also spending money setting up other types of system, and so need to spread the load a little bit. There is a massive range of different types of cameras you can purchase and so you should or is be able to find something to suit your financial needs.

Picking the right location to place the camera will also be very important. Are you going to simply place it right on the wall outside your house at a convenient height so that any burglar can damage it? Surely this would be a bad idea, and ideally you would want to find somewhere that is slightly hidden away from view so that the burglar will not even know it’s there.

Another important point will be the actual type of camera that you get. If you are concerned with crime particularly at night then you might want to get a nightvision camera. If you have a large area to look at, you might want to get a camera that is able to tilt and pan.

Also it will be very important to pick weather monitor goes. It is not only the camera placement that is crucial, and you will certainly want to put monitor in a suitable position so that you can look at it whenever there’s a problem.

All in all, if you are able to create a decent enough system, you should certainly be in a position to benefit from greater safety within your home.

White Sofa Interior Design

How to Use a White Sofa in Interior Design

A white sofa can work with almost any kind of design style out there even black and white decorating. It’s something that you can really embrace instead of being scared of. Often times, you might be used to just eliminating this kind of color simply because it doesn’t really hold up as well to stains, children, or pets. However, there are a lot of safeguards that you can take to really make this kind of appearance work with your overall design style.

White leather sofas can really be a design compromise. Often times whenever you take your husband shopping he is going to insist on buying a piece of leather furniture. This really does have a masculine kind of feeling to it. You might want to just compromise and get what you both want in the room. This is so important just because it’s a living spaces and if it’s masculine it can seem very overpowered or even smaller. Instead, you can just find different ways to bring in what you both want. The great thing about leather furniture is that it does last for a very long time. This is also true of a white or cream color. You want to stick with very traditional lines and then make sure that it isn’t too overstuffed because this is really the only element that is going to become outdated. The really great thing about this is that it’s a totally different take on leather furniture that isn’t seen in every single home.

A modern white sofa usually does focus in on comfort. If you’re looking for a very cheap piece of furniture this can be the way to go. You can find this in all different kinds of stores and it might even just cost a few hundred dollars. You really will want to consider where you’re using this piece. If it’s in your main living area next to the TV then you might want to go with a higher end piece with clean lines that has a much higher-quality construction so that it is comfortable. Another option would just be to go with a supersize piece which will allow you to lay down instead of sitting up all the time.

However, this kind of sofa can work in areas where people don’t stay a lot. This could be something like a guest room, or entryway. These pieces can be quite small in size and since they have a lower back they will work quite nicely to provide additional seating.

The white leather sectional sofas really are going to give you the best of both worlds. Again going with a lighter color is going to help the piece that would otherwise seem very impressive be a lot more manageable and easy to live with. Oftentimes these pieces have overstuffed arms and high backs. This can seem a little bit dated, but it really just depends on your comfort level. You could even change up the tone so it’s more of a cream or even a darker taupe. This is really going to give it a much more contemporary kind of feeling.

Since you will have the sofa for so long you do need to find ways to really update it. Right now graphic kind of pillows are very popular. The great thing about this is that it usually uses one bold color such as orange and red and then has simple shapes and white silhouettes. This is a way to get a totally different take on floral prints just because you’re not using the same colors or even overly designed pieces. It’s all about simplicity. This is a way to add a little bit more femininity without making things too frilly. White can of course tie back in with your furniture and you can change out the pillows whenever you want a different look. This is going to give a much more enduring sense of design to furniture that could last you for decades. This is especially important when you’re dealing with leather just because it can be so durable and it is so expensive. You really are going to want to constantly and diligently find ways to change things up.

Even though it’s a stark color it can still work quite beautifully with the traditional kind of design style. In this case you want to focus in on texture and lines. The arms should be rolled slightly and there could even be a square at the bottom. This could be a designer looking kind of piece in a linen or a Chanel fabric as long as you can keep it clean or at least choose a slipcover to protect the underlying fabric. This is going to be a very elegant kind of fabric and is a way to add a little bit of softness to a very modern kind of color.

scrap-booking room

Ideas for Scrapbooking Rooms

Your scrap-booking supplies are getting out of control! Where should you put all that stuff? Your spouse is getting on your case about all the scrap-booking materials that have been laying around. It is time to organize. Time to get control over your scrap-booking supplies before they overtake the house! It is time for a scrap-booking room!

Most people decide to make dedicated scrap-booking rooms because they are dealing with the issues described above. They are also looking to get a functional space where they can work on a project and leave it out for continuation at a later date. There is nothing so frustrating as having to pack all your supplies up before you are finished with a project. Having scrap-booking rooms enables you to leave everything out if you have to make a quick dash out to pick up the kids from school. There is no need to clear off the dining room table to set it for supper. You don’t need to leave your scrap-booking supplies spread all over the place.

Another benefit of having a scrap-booking room is that there is often space to invite over friends for a crop. Having a large dedicated work space will allow you to include a large table with chairs so that everyone can sit around and work together. Make it a regular meeting with your friends. They can bring over the projects they are working on, a few of their supplies and spread out on the table right along with you.

Having scrap-booking rooms will also enable you to show off your work. There is wall space to display your completed projects. Storage is also readily available. You can add cupboards, shelves, baskets and anything else you can think of to better help you organize and store your scrap-booking supplies.

Having a scrap-booking room will make you the envy of your friends and fellow-scrapbookers. Every crafter desires to have a dedicated space all to themselves. A place to spread out and organize their supplies in such a way to make them readily available for use. If they are packed away somewhere, you won’t be inspired to create!

Ideas for scrap-booking rooms can be found all over the internet. Also, don’t forget to look up studios and craft rooms for ideas as well. You will find many solutions which can easily translate into your type of creative space even if it isn’t originating from scrap-booking rooms.

Before you get started on designing your scrap-booking room, be sure and take before photos. You will be glad to have a record of what the room looked like before the transformation. It will also be beneficial for showing people the work you put into it. Not only that, you can use the before and after photos to make a scrapbook page all about your very own scrap-booking room!


Canopy Bed and Bedding

Nothing quite says “romance” like an old fashioned four poster bed, they conjure up images of kings and queens and days of yore. Few of us have the kind of property that can handle a four poster but when looking for a romantic getaway how often are we attracted to the grand hotel fitted out with them? If you are looking to recreate the same effect in your own home then a canopy bed would be a more manageable option.

The purpose of this site is to point you in the right direction and flag up a few considerations when looking for new bedroom furniture. There are plenty of options to consider and you really can create the effect you are looking for if you just take the time to consider your budget, the amount of room in your property, the kind of decor you have or would like to create and finally the practicalities of the way you live and the make up and tastes of you and your family.

Canopy beds have become a popular option for those looking to recreate that grandeur without taking up too much room or buying something that just looks completely odd in a modern house. In fact what you are often getting is quite a light weight frame which you can embellish with some clever canopy bedding.

On this site I would like to introduce you to the different options available, from simple iron frames to kids canopy beds. There really is a huge selection of options available from the darn right gauche and ugly through to the elegant and sophisticated and I will attempt to bring you some of the better options.

And sometimes it isn’t necessary to go the whole hog and invest in a full frame, you could choose to look for some tasteful bed canopies on their own and find a way of attaching them to the ceiling. Rooms with low ceilings will probably not suit a full size canopy frame, but improvising with some beautiful light weight material can achieve a similar effect.

In fact if you’re just searching for canopies for beds or canopy curtains then why not look instead for some pretty fabrics from which you can make your own version. It really isn’t that difficult and has the advantage of really opening up the possibilities in terms of materials available. You’re much more likely to find a piece of fabric that matches perfectly with your existing interior designs then finding something that is pre-made.

Again if you’re looking for a girls bed canopy, why not consider taking your daughter with you to a haberdashers and letting her choose the fabrics with you. Let’s face it, as an adult you might want to make a big statement with a four poster bed canopy but your partner may find it all a bit “girly”. Your daughter on the other hand has no such concerns and can be indulged to her hearts content. And be honest you will enjoy it too!

Where do you live? Do you reside in a location with a mostly cold climate or is it blisteringly hot most of the year? Ultimately these beds have an enclosed feeling to them and whether you want to feel snug and warm in your bed, or light and breezy, these considerations will dictate what styles and models you go for.

So regardless of whether you would prefer a do it yourself canopy bed option or plan to splash out and buy a ready-made frame with all the whistles and bells then this is the place to start your search and all the options available here are easy to buy online. I’m a big fan of Amazon, who isn’t, and they offer a great selection of products. Whatever kind of bed canopy you’re looking for I hope you find it here. Read on and start to create your ideal bedroom environment.


Understanding Digital White Balance

Digital white balance is an often neglected feature of digital cameras that aims to correct the color of white objects in your photographs. If you have ever taken a photograph and the white objects came out slightly blue or yellow you will know how important this feature can be. Our eyes and brains are very good at interpreting colors in a variety of lighting conditions but this is not so easy for digital cameras. The white balance sensor can adjust the color balance of a scene by analyzing the light and making suitable adjustments.

Most digital cameras nowadays have two modes of digital white balance, automatic and manual. In most conditions automatic white balance (AWB) is adequate or you can choose between settings suitable for cloudy, full sun, fluorescent lighting, tungsten lighting etc. One advantage of using the manual setting is that you can adjust the resulting image to make the picture ‘warmer’. This is especially helpful for sunsets where setting the white balance for ‘cloudy’, deepens the colors and gives your sunset images a lovely, glowing quality. You can also ‘warm up’ portrait shots in the same way.

it is a good idea to practice taking pictures with the white balance on different settings to get a feel for the various effects and see how your images are affected. You will soon have a good feel for the appropriate settings to use in different lighting situations. Although the white balance setting may seem to be a small adjustment it can make a real difference to the quality of your pictures. If you are aiming to take stunning images of sunsets you really need to become familiar with your digital white balance settings!